Meeting Room Solutions

‘VHuddle Pro’ is designed to adapt to the requirements of the modern workspace.

Using touch or pen, anyone can take notes on the display, start a meeting or use any pre-selected application. For private users, VHuddle offers to connect to the display wireless easily from external PCs.

After meetings, VHuddle ensures to remain in the same configuration for everyone while maintaining the security and durability of the display.

Digitalizing Workspace

While digitizing modern workspace, VHuddle offers to address:

  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Maximum Productivity
  • More Flexible Workspace
  • Effective utilization of technologies
  • Ability to fit from smallest meeting spaces to large conference halls.

Simplified User Experience

Vestel VHuddle Solution comes with the ‘VHuddle Pro’ launcher SW, designed to highlight the most required functions of the modern workspace

Compact App Bottom Toolbar Navigation Bar Customizable Background Date-Time Info Weather-Location Info Calendar View/Start Meeting User Login/Logout Room Booking

Compact App Toolbar

  • Consists of selected apps for the most used meeting room applications:
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Start online meetings
  • Note taking on digital whiteboards
  • Quick access to local/cloud files
  • Internet browsing

Security and Maintenance

While VHuddle is designed to be used by every employee, settings
can only be configured by the IT administrators to keep the display
always secure and ready to be used with consistency.