75" Professional Extra Bright Signage Displays


Key Features

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Auto Launch

Auto Launch

We have made it easy to give any HTML5-based application link to the display within the SoC software. Upon this, the display will start with the given link. The application can either be an offline or an online application, allowing the customers to execute their own application.

Usb Auto-Play

Usb Auto-Play

You will be able to show photo and video content automatically with USB Auto-play feature. SoC software gives you a choice to turn on USB auto-play function making it easy for end-users to show any media on the screen and not worry about anything else.

OPS Support

OPS Support

All our products in this series have compliance with OPS (Open Pluggable Standard). OPS will empower your screens with enhanced processing power and ability to choose Windows or Android as your operating system to fit your specific application.

Pixel Shifting

Pixel Shifting

Pixel Shifting is designed to be activated inside the SoC in order to prevent for potential risk of image sticking, caused by constant content. With this feature turned on, pixels on the screen will move in an interval while causing no interference of visual experience.



Digital Signage Monitor Software allows many important features such as Scheduler. Scheduler sets your display turn on/off time easily and lets you not to worry about the status of your displays in any time.

Source Switching

Source Switching

It is made available to set any Source on startup of the display. It can also be switched on any other signal source using scheduler and failover scenarios. This lets the users to freely control the process of their requirements allowing best user experience.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain

The display can mirror the content (to another display) into its display port out coming from its display port in. This set up creates a daisy chain like structure allowing for monitors to be set up as Video Wall mode.

Operation Time Support

Operation Time Support

Professional Panels used with this series are quality confirmed to operate 24 hours a day without any issues. Our customers will experience the highest quality of our screens unlimited to any operation.

Open Platform Support

Open Platform Support

Our SoC supports API (Application Programming Interface) for solution providers/integrators to develop and integrate any HTML5-based to be installed and used on our displays.


  • Panel

    • Size


    • Brightness (Cd / M2)


    • Panel Type


    • Resolution

      3840 x 2160 (16:9) - UHD

    • Orientation

      Horizontal - Vertical

    • Contrast Ratio


    • Dynamic Constrast Ratio


    • Panel Life Time ( Min. )

      50.000 hrs

    • Response Time

      9 ms

    • Areas of Usage


    • Backlight Type


    • Panel Technology


    • Front Type

      Ultra Narrow Bezel

    • Active Area

      1650 (H) - 928 (V)

    • Viewing Angle


    • Color Value

      8 Bit, 16.7 M Colors

    • H-Freq

      135 kHz

    • Max. Pixel Freq.

      78 MHz

    • V-Freq

      60 Hz

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.