Hospitality Mode TV

Hospitality Mode TV

Vestel Hospitality TVs allows individuals to "control TVs" via IP or via Coax network, an external box is not needed for management. Any content can be delivered directly to TVs through data cables or coaxial cables. Hybrid solution is also possible for delivering TV channels over coaxial cables (DVB S/T/C), for sites which has existing TV distribution systems but desires additional advantages. IP networks are flexible as saving a lot of effort and operational costs, whereas Coax netwo

Built-in STB

Built-in STB

Built-in STB is a term when a specific solution does not require an additional Set-Top-Box to run. The solution software is embedded into Hospitality TV’s inside memory. This has two advantages; ensuring one Remote Controller to manage every aspect of TV, providing aesthetics as there won’t be any Set-Top-Box in front of TV.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Ability to clear all privacy data for guests prevents danger of leaving private information for the next guest. Every guest will be safely entering their personal details (email address, social media logins etc.)


  • Panel

    • Screen Size

      50" / 126cm

    • Segment


    • Design Code


    • Chassis (Board)


    • Viewing Angle

      178º (H) 178º (V)

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.